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My name is Bisma Imran. I'm an art student at OCADU with a passion for designing beautiful products. I'm on a mission to use art to beautify the everyday lives of those who see it.

I create both digital and analogue art. Professionally, I've worked on product design teams at several startups, including:

🏃‍♀️ Lead product designer at DROP, a weight-loss app

🦋 Consulted for Niftory, a VC-backed Web3 startup, on how to navigate the NFT collectible art market

🌉 Designed cards for Therapy In a Box, a card deck aimed to reduce social anxiety

🥯 Crafted cover for Happy Tummy, a forthcoming gluten-free cookbook

I stay up to date on the evolution of art and technology, including AI and Web3. In my personal time, you'll catch me surfing Pinterest for art inspo, exploring downtown Toronto hunting for bubble tea, and watching Tim Burton movies.


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Art is my magic

I found solace in my greatest passion - art. I had an overwhelming desire to create a tangible piece of work to look at and feel proud of, knowing one day I'll look back with awe when I compare my present self to my past. I got roped into this epic new world, a world I could make sense of as they speak the language of colors and line movements to portray emotions. A world where a simple cartoon could have more political impact than a politician's whole career.


When I first began, we couldn't afford much to cultivate my passion; I spent time turning dollar store markers into inks and paints with water, using pencil shavings as pastel pigments, and transforming broken pencils into stippling brushes. Over the years, as my passion grew, so did the mediums I had; I could afford all the art supplies I needed to endlessly manipulate into effects that brought my pieces to life.

I continue to work tirelessly at creating and learning so that I never reach a point where, even a month from now, my art doesn't make me laugh when I see how far I have come.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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